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We are a rural school district located in Amity, Oregon. Our local economy is based on varied agricultural enterprises which include vineyards, grain and grass seed farming, and dairies. Of course there are many businesses which exist mainly to support those industries as well. Our district is large enough to offer a wide selection of academic courses and yet small enough that kids and parents feel important and have access to teachers and administrators.


Amity SD Preliminary Healthy and Safe Schools Plan

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We would like to determine how the community feels about the middle and elementary schools' mascots.  It will only take a second to fill out THIS SURVEY.  Please only do it once!  Thanks!

Article by 15-16 Small School Teacher of the Year: Kimi Romey

As part of her recognition, Kimi wrote this piece on what it means to her to teach.  I think you will really enjoy reading it!

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Lead testing results

We received back the lead testing results from Alexin Laboratories today, October 25th.
In the elementary school we have two classroom faucets and two classroom drinking fountains that show elevated lead levels.  We also have several sinks that have elevated levels but none of these are intended for drinking or food prep.
We are shutting off all fixtures with elevated levels until we can set up a new sampling time.  The plan is to turn them back on, flush them thoroughly and then shut them off for 72 hours, followed by a resampling.  Some of these fixtures haven't had any significant use in months and so we want to make sure we check them properly a second time. We did not flush any fixtures prior to the first sampling.  
Any fixtures that continue to show elevated lead levels after a second testing will be replaced and resampled.  Any that continue to show elevated levels at that point will require more significant plumbing solutions.
The middle and high schools showed no amounts of lead at all.  That is not a surprise given when plumbing was done in those buildings.
If you have any questions please call Superintendent Jeff Clark at 503-835-2171.

Vaccination Rates for Yamhill County

Link to vaccination rates for both school-age and younger than school-age children in Yamhill County.  We are posting this in accordance with Oregon law.

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