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As part of our federal waiver application, Oregon developed a new accountability system with a much greater focus on student learning and growth. This new system uses multiple measures to rate schools. For high schools these measures include academic achievement, academic growth, subgroup growth, graduation rates, and subgroup graduation. For elementary and middle schools the first three measures are used. Schools receive an overall rating of Level 1 through 5 based on how well they are doing in each of these areas.Level 1 schools represent the bottom 5% of schools. Level 2 schools represent the next lowest 10%. Level 3 makes up approximately the next 30% of schools. Level 4 represents the largest share of schools, those that fall between 44% and 90% of schools. Level 5 represents the top 10%.

For the report cards, schools also receive a rating that compares them to “like” schools - other schools with similar student demographics including percent poverty, mobility, students of color, and English learners. Schools are rated as below average, about average, or above average as compared to similar schools. This provides parents and community members with another perspective on achievement at the school.


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For report cards from previous years, visit ODE's website.

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