Amity Middle School Staff Directory

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Phone: 503.835.0518 Fax: 503.835.0418




Lund, David Principal
Whiteley, Brenda Secretary

Galer, Holly Secretary
Larson, Jared Counselor
James, Heather Language Arts 7th and 8th
Bottenberg, Jeanna LRC

Geissler, Jeff Social Science 7th & 8th
Johnson, Doug Science 7th and 8th
Louderback, Julie Band 6th, 7th and 8th
Ludwig, Mike Gateway to Technology 7th and 8th
Matocha, Mary 6th Grade Math/Math E&R
McShane, Karl PE 6th, 7th and 8th

Moorefield, Melinda Library
Safranski, Ann 6th Grade Language Arts and Science
Stuckart, Tim Math 7th and 8th
Wallace, Melinda 6th Grade Reading, Science & Computer Applications
Johnson, Linda Paraprofessional
Prevett, Becky Paraprofessional
Landry, Lita Cook's Helper
Gradt, John Custodian